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Yoga por Amor con Yasnaya

Posted on: 2 abril, 2014

¿Qué hace un post en inglés en este blog en castellano? Pues que me ha tocado ampliar horizontes y quiero que hagas este viaje conmigo. Si estás leyendo este blog probablemente me conoces así que tranquilx, lo que sigue es un ofrecimiento de Amor escrito en inglés. Cualquier cantidad es bienvenida, desde 5€ hasta 1 millón 🙂 ¡Gracias de antemano por tu donación!

Fund a training. Impact hundreds of lives.

If you’ve ever attended a yoga class you may have experienced its benefits:

More vitality
A peaceful mind and more concentration
More flexibility and elasticity
More energy to face daily challenges
Inspiration for a more healthy and balanced living
More connection with the present moment

Many people in the world never have heard about Yoga. How about if we give them a chance to live a new and enriching experience thanks to your generosity?

No matter where you are, or your gender, or your culture, or the amount of money you have we all deserve the opportunity to explore new horizons and discover ancestral healthy practices. Don’t you think so?

My goal is your adventure


My name is Yasnaya, I’m a Cuban journalist and copywriter -now I’ve been living in Bali for a few months- but what really makes me tick is the beauty of the human bodies in movement. I discover Yoga in 2005 and since then I have been practicing nonstop.

I would like to become a Yoga Teacher this year assisting to Yoga Teacher Training (500h) at Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India. The course last two months and cost USD 3000. I can’t do this without your valuable contribution because this certification is expensive.

The classes start on 16th June 2014 until 16th August 2014, but I should pay the matriculation fee before the 16th April. So as you can see I’m on a very tight schedule, as soon as your donations come in, they’ll be going right straight into the bag with my yoga mat, my cloths and …

More the details about the Yoga Teacher Training here: Shivayogapeeth

Your impact & what you get


  • You can follow each of the yoga classes that take place through the post, photos and videos publish in this blog:
  • You will received a book with all the training expererience documented.
  • You will be present in each of the classes because I will design a T-shirt with the names of all the donors and this t-shirt will go with me spreading love through Yoga, and you can also have the Tshirt.
  • At the end of the year I will make a Calendar + video that you will received in your email with pictures and messages from the people who have attended to the Yoga classes.
  • You can host in your house a Yoga class for you and your friends FOR FREE.
  • You get to participate in what will be a unique experience of Yoga around the world to impact lives of people like you and me.

Take a look of perks! 

Just for reading this you are already part of something bigger than you. I know that you can donate to other campaign, and I’m happy for that, but just consider that if you support me I’ll do my best and you will see it. You will be with me step by step sharing YOGA & LOVE.

This fund is for add color in my dream of becoming Yoga teacher – I pray for that- and spread Yoga benefits and share with many people –the poorest- ancient teaching to improve health.

How this fund will be used


– Yoga Training from 16th June 2014 to 16th August 2014: 3,000 USD
– Fly cost (Bali-India round trip): 980 USD
– VISA: 50 USD
– India money pocket (food & transportation): 220 USD

If we meet our goal, Indiegogo takes 4%. If we if we do not reach the goal, Indiegogo takes 9% and Paypal transactions deduct 3% of each pledge amount.

If you cannot give at this time, please help me to spread the word (Facebook, Twitter, send this campaing to your friends…). Or using this magical thing call Internet send me and email with contacts of non-profit organizations that could be interested in Yoga classes FOR FREE.

Your donation is just one more way that you give life to solidarity and highlight the need of healthier practices around the world. Let’s give LOVE and inner peace a chance.

Contact me at if you have questions.

Thanks for reading and MANY thanks for your contribution.





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